About Us

New Era Bookshop L.L.C has been trading in books, audio-visual aids, stationery edutainment aids, gift and other impulse items since the year 1999. We first started selling mainly to schools, higher educational institutes and added major categories as the demand rose. Our subject range is diverse, stocks are latest editions, bestsellers from the top and prestigious publishing, manufacturing houses.

We distribute book to corporate customers such as schools, colleges, educational institutes apart from super/hypermarkets, departments Stores, bookshops , toy etcs.

We also conduct exhibition by invitation.

New Era bookshop, L.L.C is visited by the same customers who shopped with us as children, now parents themselves.


The ever increasing demand, motivates us to look for new vistas in retail and well wholesale.


MOHIT's Collection:

Mohit Enterprises is an ever growing organization engaged in co-publishing, media and communications, marketing support.
The publishing is done under Mohit's Collection impring. The yard stick is quality and the contents, affordability and thus has carved a niche among its customers.
Some of the high lights of Mohit's Collection are


      • Children's books
      • Classic
      • Special interest books
      • Fiction
      • Self Help
      • Globes etc.